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Our Mission

Lift Up KC Youth Organization is here to develop the youth of the Kansas City Metro area.  We are here to be a vessel to launch Kansas City area high school students into adulthood with a proper foundation in place.  We offer services to help youth achieve their goals of obtaining a higher education though tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep and Financial Assistance to ensure youth that are part of our program can take these required exams and score well.   We Also encourage our youth to be great citizens though various community outreach services such as peer-tutoring, homeless outreach and many other community outreach services. Our Fall and Summer youth basketball program provides teaching, training and development opportunities to youth in the Kansas City area, with their participation in our program they can receive opportunities to further their academic career and potentially basketball career as they move into adulthood.

Thanks to All of the Student Athletes and Volunteers that made our Unsigned Senior Showcase a Huge Success!

How does Lift Up KC Youth Org serve our community?

Personal Development

Our Program allows youth to communicate their goals and the vision for their life and allow us to help guide them in the right direction.



If youth are struggling with the ACT/SAT or would like to start to prep to take the test we will provide preparation and upon successful completion of the prep activities offer to help financially with the cost of the test for students as needed.



A great way for our youth to give back to the community while earning community service hours.  This will allow the completion of college application requirements

Athletic opportunity 

For students athletes demonstrating a desire to play basketball at the next level we prepare them with those skills as well.  NDaGym is our basketball program that excels in teaching and mentoring youth looking to take the next step in their basketball careers. 

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